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Blue Lotus Oil

This Blue Lotus Oil is made with Moringa Oil which both are known to decalcify the pineal gland.

I take dried blue lotus flowers and infuse them for 6 months in the moringa oil, with a piece of moldavite in the mixture for even higher frequencies.

This does not change the color of the moringa oil because I do not heat the mixture. Allowing the blue lotus flowers to naturally infuse into the moringa oil creates a soft scent that smells like the inside of a bag of blue lotus flowers.

This is a powerful oil that will last years in your emergency 🚨 Arsenal. It’s safe enough to use daily on the skin and even as an intimate lubricant. It’s not FDA approved so know that they don’t want you to know it can be used internally to decalcify the pineal gland.

Blue lotus contains the highest frequency of all plants, even higher than roses.

Blue lotus protects one’s frequency from lower energies and vibrations. It allows the body and pineal gland to resonate at the speed in which it thrives.

I’ve been using this oil for 6 months and my relationship with my lover has never been better, my skin has never been softer, and my thoughts stay high vibrational and pure.

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