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Healing From Within

Updated: Nov 7, 2020

This article was originally geared toward a client that had HIV. I remember a few years ago when he told me he thought he was going to die. Now he is living his life undetectable of HIV. This information, written and researched by me, is a wealth of knowledge for anyone on how to properly care for the human body!

Many important vitamins and minerals are missing in HIV-positive individuals and people with chronic illness. It has become common-practice for people to take supplements without understanding in-depth how or why a supplement would be beneficial. More than half of Americans supplement their diets with vitamins and minerals. Although many people understand they are not getting enough vitamins, many are lost when it comes to formulating a regimen that benefits them. Oftentimes the supplements are actually doing more harm than good to the body due to all the fillers in the vitamin and the source of the mineral itself.

One of the hardest parts of nutritional supplementation is deciding what to take and when to take them. This article explains the reasons why it is important to take what and when. You may find it easier to switch up some of the supplements after you get used to taking them to better fit your schedule. Below I have broken down the most important vitamins, minerals, and supplements to take according to Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner. Consider Breakfast being when you wake up, Lunch time can coordinate with your work schedule and when you get your lunch, and Dinner being your main mealtime for the evening.

It is important to eat more than three times a day, and it is important to fast as well. Now is no time to fast for days, as your body is counting on your food intake to make protein and antioxidants for your nutritionally deficient body.

First and foremost, make sure you avoid all substances that are artificial (made by man) and not natural (made by nature). Avoid illegal drugs and prescriptions such as prescription antibiotics, opiates and benzodiazepines as much as possible. Everything you put inside your body creates your genetic code. You are what you eat, and you are what you drink. Drink distilled, ozonated, and/or high quality water such as Fiji and Evian whenever possible, and avoid cheap water, such as Nestle, unless it is all you can find.

It may be worth it to buy a roll of pH tape, which you can tear off and test your saliva and urine for your pH balance. Your goal is to maintain a balanced to alkaline pH. Saliva mirrors the blood and a healthy balance is between 7.2 to 8.4. Cancer and illness thrive in an acidic blood environment, so it's important to monitor your pH levels. Check out I found this brand at my local health food store.

I also check my water with these strips to see the pH balance. You want to drink water that has a pH balance above 7.0. Never drink tap water. If you have a filter that is great, however, be mindful that most filters do not filter out fluoride. Chlorine, bromine, and fluoride are in the same family as Iodine, known as the halogen family. Iodine is essential to our body, while the other three are actually harmful. Since the other three are so small in comparison to iodine, it easily tricks our body into welcoming them in, making us feel great, but long-term eventually it wears on us. Avoid all sources of these like the plague! You will hear me say this a lot, but make your own toothpaste or buy fluoride-free. I make my own toothpaste with coconut oil, food grade diatomaceous earth, essential oils, and occasionally add baking soda.

I have attached an additional article here called The Fourth Phase of Water, which explains in further detail the miraculous benefits of mother nature’s gifts. Water actually has a fourth phase aside from the common known phases of water, liquid and gas. It becomes a structured fluid which nourishes our cells. In this phase of water, our bodies can detox easier and run at our prime. You can read more about that here as well.


First thing on an empty stomach, Take the Glutathione pill. Glutathione is the body’s master antioxidant and helps the liver detox. This pill can only be absorbed through the bloodstream, so it is important to not take a capsule and find one that you can dissolve under your tongue as much as possible before swallowing. Glutathione should only be taken for a month at maximum because you want your body to start making its own. Much like melatonin supplements, if the body is receiving it from an external source, it is believed that the body suppresses the ability to make it on its own. (If you are having trouble sleeping try organic cherry juice right before bed to help your body dump melatonin naturally! Also get yourself some pure quality organic CBD Oil!) However, it is a good idea to take it at the beginning stages of your regimen so that you can help the body detox quickly from the toxins and minimize your risk of Herxheimer Reaction. Read about nine ways to boost glutathione here. This is the brand I have used and trusted for years. It used to be nearly $100 for a month supply, but is now down to just $52. wow!

Next, drink pure, clean, un-chlorinated water that has sat in a Pure Copper Cup all night, or at a minimum of 4 hours. This allows the purest vibration of living water and creates the spark for your heart and nervous system. To this amazing water, as a suggestion, you can add your morning dose of liquid Iodine, 1 teaspoon Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth, Vitamin C, and a squeeze of lemon or lime to help detox the kidneys. Or you can just drink it plain!

Another little known secret for high quality water is to obtain a Miron Violet Flame Glass water bottle and drink from that instead of copper. Some professionals believe copper is beneficial and it is used in ancient Ayurvedic healing practices. Others believe this is the wrong source of copper. Also known as Biophotonic Glass, Miron Glass is an ancient technological advancement that only allows the highest rays of purple UV light through it. It preserves contents almost indefinitely. I love my Miron Glass water bottle. You can read more about Biophotonic Glass here.

I prefer a source of Vitamin C that has been derived from an actual fruit and found in loose powder. The color should be bright and smell like actual fruit. I do not prefer ascorbic acid because isolated from Vitamin C and is synthetic (lab created). Vitamin C helps iron bind in the gut and regulate iron levels. Oftentimes anemia and iron issues are related to a gut problem. Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that can reverse pneumonia symptoms. Antioxidants are so important for health! Antioxidants protect you from free radicals in the body. Amino acids are the building blocks of protein, and antioxidants are essentially the same as amino acids! I use HealthForce SuperFoods brand, and their Vitamin C is derived from Acerola Berries. There should be no other ingredients. This Vitamin C fruit is dried on non-gmo tapioca starch. They used maltodextrin in the past to dry their berries but recently upgraded! Vitamin C should be taken all throughout the day. I recommend starting out by taking one serving in the morning and evening and building up to taking a serving according to the label six times a day. The best way to do this simply is to mix a day's worth of the powder into a container of apple juice that has the amount of servings you will drink for the day. We make this by the gallon in our household! We often make our own juices too. For HealthForce SuperFoods, 302 mg per serving, build up to 1 to 2 grams per day. The body can only absorb so much at one time, so it is important to space it out throughout the day. Too much at one time can cause diarrhea.

I will add additional information in a future article on Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth soon, as it is so important in one's healing regimen. There is no wrong way to take Diatomaceous Earth, however, taking it before bed is often avoided due to its ability to keep you stimulated and awake. I have heard of people adding it to soda, yogurt, cereal, oatmeal, juice, or water. It increases your absorption of nutrients and contains fulvic acids, which I talk about later. I have used it with great success for many years, even while pregnant. It consists of millions of year old crushed crustaceans and is full of essential nutrients like calcium and silica. I personally buy from this company when I cannot find this locally. DE is cheap, at usually $1 per pound! Click on the pic for a wealth of info and testimonials on DE.

In addition, I've also found a comprehensive guide on how to use food grade diatomaceous earth for pest control. Food grade DE is the cheapest, safest and most perfect thing I have found to keep bugs and rodents out of your food and pet's food. Food grade diatomaceous earth is safe for pets to eat and even beneficial. Learn more about it HERE.

Mini-minerals bone support has the correct balance of magnesium to calcium and other essential trace elements required by the human body. These minerals are suspended in water and are already small particles that are easily absorbed by your bloodstream. This is swished around the mouth for at least one minute and swallowed. This allows the mini particles to bypass your gut, they do not interfere with medications, and are instantly absorbed. The mini-minerals can be taken several times a day to replenish your constantly starving electrical and nervous system. I recommend taking it after brushing your teeth in the morning and before going to bed.

It is important to take liquid D3, liquid K2, and liquid strontium to encourage bone development. Most supplements are best taken in liquid form as the gut does not have to create enzymes and break down the fillers and other ingredients in vitamin tabs. The website attached to the picture above has an abundance of great oral supplements like the D3, K2 and strontium that are easily absorbed and made in the proper form for our bodies.

The amount of recommended protein intake is highly debatable regarding even a healthy person. However it is fact that every cell process in the body requires proteins. Protein helps your immune system fight off infections and builds muscle. There are many different kinds of proteins, which we will go over in a future article. Another article will come in the future describing the differences between them, but let’s begin with taking Whey Isolate Protein, since this is the most common, and it should be consumed after taking your morning supplements.

You will need to build up to at least 25 grams six times per day broken up throughout the day. This is because our bodies can only absorb 25 mg of protein at a time. Hemp seeds are my favorite because they are a complete protein, and have all essential amino acids, as well as the correct ratio of Omegas 3, 6, and 9 required by our bodies. Hemp seeds are easy to obtain in grocery stores, and taste great in salads, or try them sprinkled on peanut butter and apples.

I highly suggest probiotics, and Greek Yogurts make a great way way to incorporate protein and probiotics. However, since most people are lactose intolerant, there are some lactose-free yogurts that are made with almond milk which would be beneficial for gut and adding hemp seeds would be doubly beneficial. Probiotics can also be found in powdered and capsule form. I use HealthForce SuperFoods Vitaminerals Earth and Vitaminerals Green powdered supplements. They can be added to soups, veggies, smoothies, etc, and have probiotics in them.

I will touch more on Kefir and fermented foods in the future because the gut and intestinal tract is where virus replicate, and these foods help maintain positive gut microbe.

Make sure to drink plenty of alkaline water with lime and/or throughout the day to flush your hard-working kidneys.

LUNCH SUPPLEMENTS Sources of Seaweed, such as Icelandic Astaxanthin, Sea Kelp, Spirulina and Chlorella are rich in critical elements necessary to the proper functioning of the human body, specifically the elements iodine and magnesium. Only one of these seaweeds at a time are necessary, and I recommend starting with one and rotating to another when you are done with the bottle. Sea Kelp is believed to be the easiest to digest and not build up in the liver. Follow the dosing instructions on your brand’s label throughout the day. If you are supposed to take 6 or 12 a day, it is okay to take them all at once or break them into smaller doses throughout the day. Next comes a question of purity as seaweed can become contaminated from its environment with heavy metals. I used to recommend this alga life astaxanthin, but I cannot guarantee its purity anymore. Last time I ordered through a third party, Amazon, and the 12 mg strength had carageenan in it. I don't like fillers especially that one. Look for a pure gelcap with no fillers.

If these come in tablets it is important to make sure these are a solid green color to ensure there are no harmful fillers lurking in your supplements. Extra care should be taken to research the brands you are interested in, as some companies, particularly those from China, contain toxic amounts of dangerous heavy metals.

Lunch time is a great time to take oral vitamins and minerals with which you are supplementing, as digestion is more stable at this time. B Complex Vitamins carry out different functions within the body by way of metabolism and help form Red Blood Cells, Nerves, and DNA. Nutritional yeast is an easy way to supplement with B vitamins. I recommend using an organic nutritional yeast. One serving gives you a daily dose of B-vitamins. It has a cheesy flavor and goes great sprinkled in soups and on popcorn. It can also take on a meaty flavor and tastes great on cooked veggies.

A substance produced by the normal gastrointestinal mucosa and salivary glands that help absorb B Complex Vitamins, known as Intrinsic Factor, is a glycoprotein. Our Intrinsic Factor gets destroyed by genetically modified foods (GMO’s) and Pesticides. Round-Up, also known as Glyphosate, has been labeled an antibiotic by the FDA since around 2011 although I cannot find clear confirmation of the year it became official. This pesticide is sprayed on every crop that isn’t labeled Organic. This means every time you eat food that is not labeled Organic, you are risking eating an unhealthy dose of antibiotics which kill your healthy gut microbe and destroy your gastrointestinal mucosa. Without this healthy gut bacteria, viruses and bacteria are able to thrive and replicate.

This goes far beyond GMO’s, and will be discussed in a later article, and will discuss topics such as risks associated with foods containing ingredients such as MSG and other toxic chemical-laden foods. All artificial foods, fillers, and dyes should be avoided. Even some labels stating “Natural” are not what you think they are. DINNER SUPPLEMENTS

Fulvic and Humic acids are essential to human life, by helping your body absorb nutrients. Fulvic acid is known as the ‘Elixir of Life’. It is considered to be the most essential acid of living organisms. Created only when bugs and worms dig and crawl their way through dirt, eating and pooping, they create healthy nutrient-rich soil. Our foods these days are heavily sprayed with toxic pesticides, which kill any chance of these important worms and bugs existing. Most organic foods are hollow in nutrients, and are created in a false environment and poor fertilizers, without the soils being renewed with compost, and therefore lack these essential acids.

Humic acid is a type of Fulvic acid found in the gut. Again, these Round-Up ready foods especially corn, soy, wheat, bananas and strawberries found in conventional grocery stores are poison and have killed off any essence of good bacteria and are highly dangerous for anyone especially HIV positive individuals. Foods in stores, even organic foods, have been sprayed with coatings and chemicals before transport to keep them looking new.

Coconut Oil and Coconut Water are so important to add to your diet. Coconut is full of healthy omega fats that fuel our brain and nervous system. Coconut water is nearly identical to the plasma in our blood. Coconut is full of potassium, magnesium, manganese and other essential electrolytes which keep us functioning at our prime.


It is best to take Activated Charcoal a few hours after eating or taking supplements that is why I put this near bedtime. Only take activated charcoal once or twice a week for the first detox month, as it can cause dehydration. It is essential to drink lots of water; at least 100 ounces afterwards. For this reason I probably should not have added it as a bed time supplement. So if you do take this, start it around two hours after you eat dinner but at least 2 hours before bed. It may be better for your lifestyle, sleep, or bladder to fit this supplement in during another part of the day that works for you. Just remember to space it out after meals and other supplements. Drugs and toxins bind to activated charcoal and help the body remove them through the bowels. There are different sources of charcoal, such as bamboo and coconut among other wood fibers. Activated charcoal is an important treatment for Lyme Disease as well as other chronic illnesses. A great resource for info on activated charcoal can be found here.

There is an abundance of other supplements and herbs I could add, but this article would become super overwhelming with the wealth of information! I look forward to many more educational posts and continuing my research for better health! I hope you enjoyed my article. Happy Healing!

Attached (here) is a Healing Regimen I created to help with symptoms of HIV, MS, Cancer, Lyme Disease, Chronic Illness, Diabetes Type 1 & 2, and more, or just to obtain maximum Wellness. It is a lot to take in, so start with what you have and what you can, and build up from there. You can even alternate with days and play around with it. Message me for info if you would be interested in a Holistic Health & Wellness Coaching Session!

Disclaimer: Although I am a medical professional, I am not a physician, Please do further research yourself until you are comfortable using these suggestions. These are merely suggestions, and I am not responsible for the use or misuse of this article. Please ask your holistic practitioner or physician before starting any new regimen.

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