Blue Aventurine, Green Aventurine, Rose Quartz, Aquamarine, and Shungite 6.5” bracelet with a screw clasp. 

Green Aventurine is an all-around healing stone with benefits for the lungs, liver, sinuses, and heart. Green Aventurine can help loosen and release negativity and energy blockages, including disease. Wear or carry Green Aventurine to increase intelligence, perception and creativity.

Shungite- The energy embodied within this ancient stone is said to absorb and eliminate anything that is a health hazard to human life, and it has strong healing powers. Shungite is believed to be from a meteorite that is over 2 billion years old that landed in Russia. It is known for its fullerenes which can purify water and humans are mostly made of water. Shungite protects from EMF all by itself.

Aquamarine is a stone of courage. Its calming energies reduce stress and quiet the mind. Aquamarine has an affinity with sensitive people. It can invoke tolerance of others and overcomes judgmentalism, giving support to those overwhelmed by responsibility.

Blue Aventurine- aids in karmic and ancestral healing. Blue aventurine crystals help a variety of ailments, such as cold, congestion, cough and allergies.

Rose Quartz- The soothing energy of rose quartz fosters empathy, reconciliation, and forgiveness of others. Lowering stress and tension in the heart. Rose quartz clears out anger, jealousy, and resentment of others, allows healing of heart issues and disease associated with holding on to such negative emotions.

Blue Aventurine , Green Aventurine, Aquamarine, Rose Quartz & Shungite


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