This little memoir makes a great token of appreciation for any mother who endures the wonders of breastfeeding. I will send instructions on how to create your own jewel or jewels with your breastmilk (or your significant others!) frozen milk works best or if you have a dehydrator there is an alternative recipe. You can order first and then I will contact you via email for what pendant shape, colors, time frame needed, etc. Usually I need 2-4 weeks notice once breastmilk is received to return it to you so please plan accordingly if this is for a special occasion. You create the jewel or dehydrate the breastmilk and I’ll make a jewel for you! I use a leather cord necklace but ask for vegan friendly or just the pendant if you want. Ship it to me and I’ll go from there!

I can also do animal and baby hair, ashes of pets and loved ones, I can do sentimental items in resin for you to keep forever.

If you have an idea message me! Thank you 😊

Breastmilk Keepsake Jewelry

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    Thank you!

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