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Energy Stones are based off Orgone, also known as Orgonite. Orgone is life force energy and helps clear negative energy 🙌🏻 These have at least 5 layers of various material using real 24k gold, real silver, real crystals, wood, copper bits, sterling silver bits, and copper chunks in a polyurethane resin!
Energy stones are a combination of crystal and metal in resin, and are based on Wilhelm Reich's scientific research culminating in the existence of what he termed orgone energy. Orgone energy is similar to what the ancients have called prana, chi, or universal energy.
The Energy stone is a tool to help us hold a more harmonic vibration.
You may find that you sleep better with it at your bedside, or the energy may be too strong, and you can still find benefits of it by moving it into the next room.
Pets are sensitive to these artificial energies and are known to be attracted to the positive vibes from the energy stones and are often found lying next to it and absorbing the energy. These stones are hand sized and protect for at least 3-5 feet.
Plants grow healthier with life force energy. Energy stones remove stagnant energy. They also help our bodies to be in tune with nature. The radio stations are purposefully tuned to an unnatural frequency known as 440 hz. The natural frequency is 432 hz, and some musicians rebel against the unnatural frequency like the band Tool, and their music albums and live shows are tuned to 432 hz. Listening to unnatural frequencies for long periods of time can cause tinnutis (ear ringing), headaches, sleep problems, muscle aches, memory issues, and more.
You can use these energy stones to transmute negative energy into positive energy! Energy stones help protect you and your environment from bad energy like 5g towers. Place them near your bed, keep one in your purse, place near TV, WiFi routers, radios, cell phones, computers, on your desk at work or in your car to block out bad energy or place near plants to help them grow!
When you receive your Energy Stone: Step one is clearing and charging the crystals, then tuning into it for the greatest possible assistance.
Place your energy stone in direct sunlight for 20-30 minutes and/or clear your energy stone by bathing it in healing sounds, such as sound bells, tuning forks, 432 hz and 528 hz frequency sounds, or classical music. All can be found on YouTube.
Take the energy stone outside or near a window during the full moon every month to cleanse it from negative energy and recharge its energy.

Custom Geranium Flower Energy Stones

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  • Because each piece takes a lot of time, preparation and materials, we do not accept returns. Very rarely, the stones do not come out perfectly and should not be considered flawed as they still have strong energy. 

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