My second mineral sunscreen 🧴 batch of the season is here! These are made in small batches and come in 16 Oz jars. I will be making more over the upcoming days!  Which sounds more appealing to put on your skin before adventuring outside: A mineral barrier or a chemical barrier? The truth about commercial sunscreen is becoming crystal clear: Chemical sunscreens contain toxins that are bad for the body, the ocean, and the environment.This all-natural sunscreen is safe for the body and safe for the ocean and environment too!With organic shea butter and mixed with non-nano zinc oxide and Frankincense Essential Oil, avocado oil, coconut oil, black seed oil, safflower oil and my brand of CBD (about 100-200 mg per 16 Oz jar) this homemade organic sunscreen is sure to keep you and your loved ones out in the sun for hours of fun!One of my customer’s testimonies: “Sunscreen is a total hit, worked beautifully at the beach! My brother used it, didn't put on his face and his face is the only place that got burnt!”This batch of sunscreen provides approx 20- 30% spf. Reapply after going in the water.This sunscreen is also safe for babies!Take a few ounces of your sunscreen out of the jar and into a smaller jar for better travels. This jar is best kept upright. You can melt the ingredients easily by putting a couple tablespoons in a plastic bag or glass jar with tight fitting lid and letting the sunscreen melt in your hand, or simply letting it sit out in the sun.

Hand Crafted Mineral Sunscreen


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