The post is experiencing heavy delays the last couple of weeks making the Hawaiian ORMUS take a little longer to get out. Please give an extra 10-14 days. 8 Oz ORMUS and PLANTS- A product for the benefit of agriculture and ultimately for HU-mankind.Ormus which is also addressed as ORME(Orbitally Rearranged Monoatomic Element or M-state element) is what the scientists have named the elements which the Ancient Egyptian's termed as Philosopher's Stone or the Elixir of life. It’s demand has risen exponentially as an energy source for the living components. What makes Ormus unique is its structural design. It is a single atom which has popped out of an atom cluster. This single atom spins at a fast rate and thus making it a superconductor. It is complete in itself and traverses through the body causing vibration and thus generating growth. The relationship of Ormus and plants has been a topic of research and has yielded results that prove beneficial to mankind and agriculture combined. This single atom spins at a fast rate and thus making it a superconductor. Ormus and plants together have an amazing combination where the Ormus helps the plants to utilize its full energy with the help of the minerals contained in it, which are missing in the soil. So, by using Ormus and its related products in agriculture one can grow bigger and better plants producing bigger, heavier and more nutritious fruits and vegetables. So, if you own a farm and the vegetables grown there are not as big or good as your expectations, despite all your hard work and money put in. Then you must try Ormus on your farms and see your farm yield better products than ever before. The benefits that the soil and plants get from Ormus are numerous. The use of Ormus products increases the cellular respiration in plants making them grow at a faster rate than ever before and also helping them absorb all the minerals from the soil effectively which finally yield better agricultural products with better nutrition content in them. Ormus is also a very nutritious dietary supplement, which is also taken through alternate medicine. So, if the vegetables and fruits are grown with Ormus products then its nutrition content will benefit the consumer and will yield better rates and larger quantities for the producer, benefiting both sides. Ormus is as close as something could get to actually being the elixir of life.*One of the most special things about this particular Ormus is the monoatomic gold was concentrated from the deep sea water in Hawaii on the 19.5 vortex which is a hotspot for monoatomic gold!This is the only ormus that is made from the deep sea water the purest monoatomic gold available."Every batch is made on a Full Moon for the Highest Quality" Imagine Being in a magical state of synchronicity where everything just seems to work in divine order. Finding that your manifestations come with ease. Having "ESP" extrasensory perception. A feeling of overall well being! more vivid, lucid dreams.Experiencing an Awareness beyond the norm. Celestial Ormus from the Stars- Ormus is a Celestial Magic like Herbs are Earth Magic. It Begins in the Stars when Platinum Group Metals like Gold, Silver, Rhodium, Palladium, Iridium, and Platinum are Created inside Stars When these Stars Create SuperNovas by colliding. SuperNova's Spreads the Platinum Group Through the Cosmos Some Landing Here on Earth and those metals have the ability to Transform to a High Spin State. Then Becomes Ormus the Purest state of the Purest Metals and when the Platinum Group Become Ormus They are at there purest state and are no longer a Metal. NOW they are a Multidimensional Superconductive Silica that is Pure Prana/Life Force Energy its everywhere when Ormus is Concentrated its like Juicing 8 bags of Carrots or greens and Concentrating it to one teaspoon Ormus is cosmic Food/Energy for the Light Body as the Egyptians Put it. The Egyptians knew about the Light Body which is not as Known these days and is Now Being Rememberedand Rediscovered. Research a little yourself its Fun!  Much Love Earth Family! In Lak'ech...THE PUREST ORMUS FROM 3000 FEET DEEP UNDER THE HAWAIIAN OCEAN!!! WHEN IT IS COLLECTED THE WATER IS 4 Degrees Celsius ice cold, THE BEST ORMUS EVER CREATED FORM THE PUREST ORMUS RICH WATER 3000 feet deep, WELL BELOW ANY POLLUTANTS , THE PUREST WATER (DSW)!!! Deep Sea Water (DSW) is being drawn from 3,000 feet below the surface of the Pacific Ocean. At this depth the water is very cold, 4 Degrees Celsius. The 3,000 foot level is well below where surface pollutants can reach. None of the pollutants from industry, farming, chemicals or human waste can taint Deep Sea Water. What makes our Ormus so Special What makes our Ormus so different than every other Ormus out there is that this comes from an island of Hawaii on the 19.5 vortex point which is an apex of energy. The sea salt that is used in the making of our Ormus comes directly from the sacred (DSW) where this apex of energy is most potent. We then use fresh spring distilled water from a very special spring that flows from the most sacred and highest mountains in the world called Mauna Kea that is on the 19.5 Votex as well. It is a very well known that the Monatomic elements that are naturally occuring in the waters in this area are the highest in concentration of anywhere on earth and is why We make our Ormus from Hawaii at the 19.5There are locations on the planet that are energetic hyper dimensional hot spots. The most powerful of these can be found at 19.5-degrees north and south latitude. The elements in the 19.5 Ormus are what the Earth is creating now. Hawaii has the highest concentrations of ormus elements. ORMUS HEALTH-The origin of ormus health dates back during the Egyptian ancient times when the alchemists worked in seclusion to come up with the famous philosopher's stone. The materials have gained use over the recent times due to the perceived health benefits, as they have been known to positively affect human health. Few scientists have however initiated research on these materials. The supplements have shown to increase brain and body activity through increased rate of blood circulation within the system. This health process helps the body function on lower amounts of electrical signals therefore expanding the brain capacity to absorb more information and make faster judgments. This is evident not only for human beings but also improves the health of animals and plants as well as enlarging the fruits and leaves of plants. This makes it more useful not only in human health but also in plant production. Ormus supplements naturally contain magnesium that raises the body PH which is vital for the metabolism process hence leading to high production of energy. This process has a body cleaning effect that allows body tissues to shed off the worn out cells, hence is perceived to offer a holistic approach to both physiological and physical impairments, enabling proper body functioning.Why is Ormus good for humans? Ormus - BenefitsClearer ThinkingMore dreamsLucid dreamsDream recallAstral travelDeveloped IntuitionEmotional cleansingImmune boosterGreater Clarity and FocusHeightened SensesSense of Being Fully PresentSense of CalmThoughtManifestationSynchronicitiesEnhances Divine timingRaises consciousness✅ Enhances ESP extrasensory perception. ✅ Balances both hemispheres of the brain similar to a 30-year meditator.✅ Activates the pineal gland and pituitary gland.✅ Strengthens conscious connection to Source.Ormus - Physical Benefits✅ Aids Intestinal Tract Absorption of Food Particles✅ Body Cells' Generation of Hydroelectric Energy✅ Body Cells' Hydration and nourishment

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