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Pokémon Orgone (1 each)

Pokémon Orgone (1 each)

$65.00 Regular Price
$45.00Sale Price

These emf protection beauties are looking for their forever home!

These large Pokémon heads feature clear quartz, copper swirl, copper BB’s, black tourmaline, Shungite powder in epoxy resin.

We are Electromagnetic 💥 We live in a sea 🌊 of invisible energy. Everything has a vibration and manmade electricity and five G is harmful to our environment. Every cell in your body responds to frequencies. This calming combination can help anywhere you go. Just keep it within your energy field by 6” or even leave it next to your computer or WiFi router and let it do it’s job sending protective frequencies and nullifying harmful ones.

Order is for 1 each.

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