This Sleep Stone Snowflake Collection is adorned with genuine crystals, shungite, copper and other precious metals to help protect your frequency from manmade harmful radiation frequencies while you sleep. 

These are perfect for the bedside to help you, your significant other, your little ones, and your pets sleep soundly through the night! Sleep stones have a variety of crystals that are known to benefit sleep issues and help you to have better sleep and more vivid dreams which will have you waking up feeling in a better mood with increased stamina and focus. 

These stones are made to help with chronic fatigue and restlessness as they block out the Electromagnetic Frequencies that keep you tossing and turning at night. The snowflake geometrical pattern gives it a vibration of relaxation and comfort as you doze off into dreamland. Some benefits of the Snowflake Sleep Stone Collection are: 	
Better sleep	
Dreaming/More vivid dreams	
More alert during the day	
Positive mood	
Better focus	
Protection from electromagnetic frequencies
Fatigue and insomnia improved 

I am sold out of all the pictures but The new ones will be shungite layers, Iolite, steel/zinc and maybe some genuine silver/24k gold! All have a unique touch! 

Snowflake Sleep Stone Collection

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