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Tektite Bundle with Moldavite, LDG, Cintamani

Tektite Bundle with Moldavite, LDG, Cintamani


Tektite Bundle includes:

5.64 g Chlum Moldavite

Libyan Desert Glass


Tektites are believed to be the emeralds that fell from heaven. They are considered lucky because they are rare in nature. Tektites are due to meteorite formation that shoots through the atmosphere and lands in the soil or water as a flaming magma. It is cooled by earths atmosphere and the ground. They can be found in unique shapes. Some may have bits of sand and texture on some. Others can be smooth.

This trio is powerful for meditation and prayer, adding to your bath water, as well as carrying within your energy field.

Libyan desert glass is believed to be in lore what St Michael the archangel cleanses his fiery sword with.

Moldavite could be from Lucifer’s crown and archangel wings when he fell from heaven.

Cintamani, in Buddhism, it believed to be one of four relics that came in a chest that fell from the sky.

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