I will have another 2 sets available for purchase by the end of the week. Then I can take pre-orders for 8 weeks out. 

These yard Orgone are great for lifting the vibration and gridding your property with energy protection. Layered with copper, nano shungite, hand crushed pyrite, hand crushed black tourmaline. This particular batch has herbs of pennyroyal, low John root, and other herbs to help protect and repel negative energy. 

Herbs hold energy and power too.

They can be buried in the 4 corners of your property. If you live in an apartment you can bury them in the soil of a large plant at the 4 corners inside your apartment. 

It does not matter how far out they are spaced. If you have large property, you can place them closer to your home if you prefer. Or you can get 2 sets and do one set around your home and another set further out! Gridding your home helps lock out harmful vibrations and neutralize harmful ions that cause foggy thinking and restlessness at a minimum.

Yard Orgone Set of 4


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