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Carpe Diem
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About KJ Moore, RN, BSN


The more we become detached from self awareness, we forget what is most important: our health. When we don't have our health we don't have anything. Take care of yourself always and serve from a full vessel.

After being a very well experienced travel nurse in over 20 hospitals across the US for 10 years, and seeing what people truly need to become healthy, it is as simple as becoming aware and changing your frequency at times while fueling your endocannabinoid system and avoiding toxins. My dream of working from home, providing for my family and helping others while changing the Wave of Healthcare by 2020 is a dream come true! Modern medicine focuses on toxins which damages an already malnourished body. Healing however can be as simple as replacing the minerals and electrolytes your body is craving in the first place.


Carpe Diem Nursing is my own little passion project I began in 2016. I decided to go PMA so I can protect the information I teach. Please know the information found on my site is for educational purposes only. Do your own research. TaLk To YoUr MeDiCaL DoCtOr. And above all trust no one.


CEO, Entrepreneur, Born in 1985 KJ Moore

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