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Terms & Conditions

            Due to the nature of our products being hand made, rare, and unique all sales are final. Please notify us if something was damaged in the mail and we may be able to replace it, but due to the nature of our items being rare or unique we cannot guarantee it.

Customers will be issued store credit of equal or greater value if items become no longer available after order is placed. 

 Please note that all orders are subject to delays in shipping depending on items in stock. Custom orders and resin pieces can take 4-12 weeks or longer depending on specific items, crystals & how many large orders are in front of you. Please communicate whether you need them before a certain time before your order to make sure I can fulfill it in your requested time frame.

 If packages are mailed Priority USPS it has insurance of $100 unless more is specified.

You can personally file a claim online with USPS if your package is damaged in the mail with priority shipping.

 My orgone resin work and jewelry are art. The final product may have different texture due to weather conditions and shipping pieces. I do my best to maintain the smooth look. This does not affect the energy of the pyramid.

 If at any time a product breaks such as a necklace, bracelet, orgone, by normal wear and tear or by accident, or if you are unhappy with it for any reason, I am always willing to repair it for free the first time. Just ship it back and I’ll put it back in the mold or remake it, and I’ll ship it back. 

 Most of my resin work is polyester resin, which is much thinner and more fragile than epoxy. I also use epoxy and will specify in the listing if it’s made with ecopoxy, otherwise it is polyester resin.


 Due to the thin nature of the resin, it is more fragile. Please use with care. Do not leave in extreme temperatures hot or cold as the resin and crystal/metal ingredients may change temperatures and cause the resin to expand and crack.

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