This elderberry kit is simple and fool-proof! It comes with organic elderberries, organic cinammon stick, organic star anise, and organic cloves. You add the water, simmer and strain berries. Cooking and Dosing Instructions included. The Elderberry Kit makes 8 oz of elderberry syrup and you add up to 8 oz of honey or maple syrup or just use it plain! Elderberries are safe for infants under 1 year of age, just remove the star anise, clove and cinnamon before boiling and use maple syrup instead of honey. Here is a scientific article from the National Institute of Health on the studies of elderberry syrup. According to Dr. Axe- Elderberry syrup is recognized for its high Vitamin A content & ability to shorten colds and the flu, however it is so much more than that. Elderberry syrup also has antioxidant properties, reducing inflammation, is a natural diuretic, relieves constipation, lowers blood sugar levels, promotes healthy skin, makes a great remedy for sinus infections, helps rid of a lingering cough, can help with nerve pain, eases allergies and may help prevent cancer. Some studies show that if you are planning on traveling, start taking Elderberry Syrup ten days before travel and throughout your trip to help shorten a cold you may catch to just two days.  Maple syrup is one of the healthiest sweeteners you can ask for. Vegan friendly, full of B vitamins, essential electrolytes and minerals, non-animal protein and much-needed carbohydrates.

Organic Elderberry Syrup Kit

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