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 Moldavite, Shungite, Amethyst Water Purification Kit

Moldavite, Shungite, Amethyst Water Purification Kit


This water purification kit comes with:

2 g of Moldavite

15 g of elite shungite

20 g amethyst points 1-3”

Free Moldavite Water Purification Guide

Tired of drinking dead water? 💦 Bring any water back to life or purify it with this water purification kit.

-2 g of moldavite to provide silica, iron, and other benefits

-15 g of elite shungite to provide oxygen, iron, and to cleanse anything from the water that’s a hazard to life (pesticides, traces of rx, chemicals- please note if you’re starting with unfiltered water the water purification process can take 24 hours or longer. If water is already filtered/purified or straight from a spring/well, the process may take 15 minutes to an hour. This gets easier with practice as you can smell/taste the difference in your water.)

-20 g of amethyst points 1”-3” long- Amethyst has been documented since Ancient times to protect from poisoning/alcohol poisoning. It was believed to keep people from being drunk. It has also been used for centuries to clean water because it is silica- rich.

These stones can be used over and over indefinitely.

Shungite can be cleansed by boiling in water for 5 minutes then dumping that water out. Alternatively, they can also be cleansed by placing them out in direct sunlight for an hour or 2. Others believe it never has to be cleaned as it’s millions of years old. So it can neither deplete or need to be cleaned. My favorite book on Shungite is by Regina Martino.

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