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Vitals, Inner Voice, Body Systems & Comp

  • 40 min
  • 50 US dollars
  • Online

Service Description

You do not have to be present for this scan once I gather the info from you. I can review info with you just email results to me at When booking please do not worry about the time! Just pick an available spot on the day you wish to connect with your inner self. You can even do it on a day you are busy, working, having a surgery; etc. it can be done on friends and family who are not conscious for example. It can be done on pets. I will do it ASAP on that day and be in touch via email or FB/IG. Get familiar with all main scans available from the AO scanner. Vitals and comprehensive are insanely in depth and great to have done at least once in your life! But I highly recommend at least once a month if you really find benefits from it! Body systems is an easy to read and interpret scan that gives suggestions as to what you can do to improve your energy field whether it be chiropractic care or supplement suggestions. Inner voice scan takes a 10-15 second sound clip of your voice and it gives you the frequencies you can listen to for up to a month to help balance your frequency. If you like the inner voice scan you can have one done up to weekly for best results. This process takes about 40 minutes total for me, but you do not have to be present. If you have time you can always clear your mindset on the day of the scan, take deep breaths, pray/meditate and think positive. These scans are for educational purposes only and do not treat, prevent, cure or mitigate any disease.

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