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Playing with the Orgone Life Force Energy Meter

I recently purchased this Life Energy Meter to conduct experiments with my orgone energy creations!

In this experiment I set the range to the 10, where the data shows a good range of information.

The baseline is 28. The machine always goes back to 28 after removing all objects on the device.

I test many things that are known and have been studied to have, create, or boost energy. The patches actually have frequencies embedded in them, and so they reflect and boost our own frequencies, which is why the life force meter can’t detect it alone.

The pyramids and orgone energy stones are all stronger than the mini shungite pyramid field!

And to put that into perspective: shungite has been thoroughly researched and while it shows a smaller increase in energy change, it’s powerful enough to stop anything that’s harmful to human life. Whether it comes by purifying water or the frequencies in the air, it knows exactly how to neutralize harmful vibrations.

Always make sure if you’re purchasing or creating orgone energy that it has enough grounding energies. Shungite is preferred because it never obtains a positive charge. However other stones have been tested like black tourmaline and without shungite it has the ability to turn positive and needs to be cleansed after 3 months.

Orgone energy stones are best used when scattered around the room. Or you can have one per room to help the energy/chi of the home. Some people do well with holding and keeping the orgone energy close. Others like to keep it across the room or even the next room while sleeping, as the energy can be energetic.

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